Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Fabric Corsage

My middle daughter and her friend decided to go to Winter Formal with all of their friends.
Since they didn't have a traditional date- there was no one to get a corsage...
BUT- I thought they could still use a little wrist adornment to commemorate the evening.

So...I got busy looking on Pinterest for fabric flowers.
I was not surprised when there were TONS of tutorials written on the subject.

I gathered some fabric from our remnant basket and got to work.
My daughter's dress was a very light pink and her friend's was navy blue...so I tried to find some coordinating colors in our stash.

I love the look of hard and soft together so I added a little burlap to each one.

 To make these little yellow petals I cut circles and folded them in half twice....
Then glued them with their tips facing inward.

 For the petals that look more curvy (like the tulle)
 I held the edges over an open flame to make them curl up.
 When I went to Michaels to look for a wrist band that I could glue it all to-
 I found these great pearl-ish ones in the wedding isle.
(I love finding new things to craft with!)
 Here you can see how I used a round piece of felt as the base to build the flowers and then glued that to the bracelet.
 I didn't get any good pictures of this but these bracelets have a plastic piece that is made to hold whatever you are planning to attach.  It's quite fabulous.

 At first we thought they might be too big but as it turned out-
 They were just right...

 Plus they'll last forever!
(Here she is with her sister...:)
Couldn't resist!

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Writing on the Fridge...

Too much stuff on the fridge 
drives me a little crazy...

The things that end up on there can take up residency...
and linger...
for years :)

On the side of our fridge, for example...
there is a contact list of phone numbers that is left over from some weekend 
my husband and I left the kids with my parents.

I know it's out of date...
but have I thrown it away?

Of course not!

I may be alone in this.
I may be the only person who lets things rot on the inside of my fridge and out.
But that's ok...no one needs to admit it.
I'll own it.

Here's some good news about the fridge in my house.
It's not a fancy schmancy new stainless steel thing.

Most days I would say that's not my ideal.
That all new stainless steel appliances would be my dream come true.
(Maybe I should go on the Price Is Right and shoot for the Showcase Showdown :)

At any rate...
I figured out a way to use the fridge and it's doors for something that I really enjoy.
 I started writing notes directly onto the fridge with a wipe off marker!
 And it's been working.

The day after I wrote this note:
These receipts that had been there for over a month...disappeared! 

If you want to see another story about writing notes at my house...
Click here.

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Great Gatsby...Part II The Dress and Decorations

 New Years seems to be hit or miss.
It's an excuse to stay up late...
and sometimes it's worth it...
and sometimes it's just not.

This year it was worth it!
I had a great time decorating for the Gatsby theme
and getting dressed in my 20s finest.

I made this sign out of and old piece of wood,
black spray paint,
silver glitter spray paint (yeah!)
and a white paint pen.

I am not ashamed to say that I copied this right off of the internet..
In fact, I saw it on Pinterest as a print and just copied the writing.
It welcomed guests as they came through the door of my good friends beach house.

 I think the best part of the decorations were these huge feathers.
My friend ordered them on line and my mom arranged them beautifully in these super tall
super art deco vases.
 My middle daughter folded the napkins and tied a silver ball to each one...
 Since the feathers were so imposing (in a good way:)
We opted for roses in the middle.
The good news is...this house is right on the water on Balboa Island in California...
So when we needed sand to fill the vase to keep it anchored,
we walked out the front door and filled it on the sea wall :)

The hostess...whose parties are always amazing...
used lots of beads, clocks and candles to make everything scream Gatsby.
 My hubby served as the bartender for the night.
We turned this great shelving unit into a bar.
We added the drink menu to the mirror...along with a black boa...of course.
 For the alcohol we used my Grandmother's decanters.
Not sure what era these are from exactly but I'm guessing the first half of the 1900s.
For the mixers we used carafes with chalk signs around the necks.
 Champagne cocktails greeted guests as they came in...

 I wore a dress the I got at....
Wait for it....

 The Good Will.
Two years ago...
for one of my daughters...
for a costume...
that she never used.
It was maybe $7...
and has been hanging in my closet...
for this event to be dreamt up.

Lucky dress :)
 Umm...I kind of have an obsession with these shoes.
That's all I'm saying.

My parents live on the same little Island so I got dressed at their house which was a blast.
When I needed more pearls, my mom pulled them out.
Earrings? Done.
Bracelets...not a problem.
Then I wrapped this scarf around my arms to look like a stole...
of course, my mom had the perfect brooch to hold it together.  
Everyone got into the fun...
and we all had a blast!
It might be a while before another New Years Eve lives up to this one :)

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Gatsby New Year

I have come to the conclusion that as long as I have a party on the horizon..
Everything is right with the world.
I am happiest planning parties.

A friend of mine and I planned a New Years Dinner Party 
mostly so we could do the 
Great Gatsby theme.

It came together rather quickly but was so fun to do!

In this post I will show how I did my hair 
because that was a HUGE part of the fun.
Tomorrow I'll give a little tour of the party and the decorations.

First I curled my hair all over in a tight curl.
This is one time when it's ok to hair spray each piece right before you curl.
It's not great for your hair and unless you're going to put it up- it doesn't look great.

 When I do styles like this, I am careful to put heat at the crown so my hair kind of stands up there.
This helps when I want to tease and add some height.

 I don't have the best pictures of how I made this headband but I'll try to explain it.

First I made the brooch.  
Since I was using a headband that my girls and I wear, I didn't want to glue anything directly to it.
Fortunately, I have a big box of old earrings of my moms from the 80s.
The center of the brooch is an earring.
I glued a sparkly black ribbon and some silver leaves and 
white and black feathers to the back of the earring.
 I stuck it through the lace on the headband, put the back on and...
It stuck there for the night.
(I did have to adjust it so the earring post wasn't sticking into my temple.)

 I teased that back of my hair a bit...
and placed the headband where I liked it.
(I'm not really sure what is happening with my face in this picture- try to focus on the hair :)

 Next I teased just the ends of my hair to give them some volume and 
texture for the bobby pins to stick.
I started pinning from the bottom-up.
 A couple of times I had to take it down and re-curl and then re-pin.
It took a while to get it just how I wanted it.

 Finally, I got it where I wanted it...
Then I sprayed the heck out of it...

 We piled on the pearls and red lips...

 I wish this was in style now!
I would love to wear my hair like this all of the time...
it's such a fun look.

More about the dress,
the drinks and
the decorations 
later :)

Friday, December 20, 2013


 The tree in our dining room is for all the pretty gifts that are leaving the house.
The gifts that Santa brings into the house on Christmas Eve go in the living room
and aren't nearly as pretty.
(Santa's tired...okay?)

 Last year I bought some 3M wrapping rolls at the $1 store and wasn't sure what to do with it.
I was going to use it for Christmas but just didn't manage it.
This year I found some other paper that has that same packing paper color.
(It's hard to tell here but those polka dots and snow flakes are burlapy looking- I made that word up :)
I used a big piece of burlap- left over from this project as a tree skirt.

 I'm really in love with the way this paper looks with the ribbon.
I have tons of wrapping to do this weekend and a lot of it is going to look like this.
You really can't beat it...it's a good amount of paper for $1! and it's thick and sturdy.
 I also love the way the black plaid paper fits into the mix.  
(Lots of men will be getting that from me...actually the men I give gifts to is not lots- it's Husband, Dad and Brother :)
If you would like to see more about how I tie these huge ornaments to my tree...
Check it out here.

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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Topping the Tree (Part Two)

I love a good deal.
I also love using things in ways that they weren't meant for (not like drying socks in the oven...like decorating with unexpected things)

I found this great metal star at The Good Will Boutique.
Have you heard of this?  
It's a more upscale Good Will where they take some of the nicer stuff and sell it all together.  
I've wanted a star like this just to hang on the wall for a while but they can be pricey.
When I saw this one for $6 I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it....
 In my dining room I have a tree called 
"Mom's tree."
I used to think this was selfish getting a tree all for myself but actually it turns out to be a great way to keep everyone happy.
The kids tree is in the the living room where we watch t.v. and where Santa leaves the loot.
"Mom's tree" is in a room where I can see it more often.  It's visible from the kitchen (which some days I swear I don't leave), from the dining room (where the fireplace that I love is) and from the Parlor (where I do most of my work).  

 This type of tree is called a Silver Tipped Spruce.
It's kind of a tall Charlie Brown tree.
There's tons of space for my huge ornaments.
And there's a long branch that sticks up on the top.
It's perfect for attaching a metal star.
The only problem is that it's not super strong and I knew that the star would make it bend right over.
SO- I got out some zip ties.
It would've been nice if the size that I needed were the green ones but no....purple had to work.
I took a stick that I found in the garage and zip tied it to the tall branch to strengthen it.
(The stick is painted blue on the bottom but you can't see it at all behind that glorious star.)

I then zip tied the star to the branch and stick together.
Worked like a charm!

After a giant burlap bow...I kind of love it.
The outgoing presents (the ones for people not living in the house) go under this tree.
The incoming presents arrive on Christmas Eve and go under the other tree.
Who would we be without our quirky traditions? :)

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Topping the Tree (Part One)

Last Saturday my oldest daughter turned 17.
She's a senior.
I know this happens to everyone...eventually.
I'm just in shock that we are here.

I delivered some coffee to her at one of her three rehearsals that day.
We did get an hour for breakfast and some ice cream time after her choir concert.
After some negotiation, everyone agreed that it would be right for the birthday girl to put the Angel on the living room tree. 
(I have a dining room tree with a great topper that I'll show you tomorrow:)

This shoddy picture taken with my cell phone is of the Angel that is almost as old as the girl putting it on the tree.  Each year my three girls take turns putting this beauty on top.
This year was the youngests turn but she forfeited on account of the birthday and leaving for college which may include not being here next year on the night that we do the tree topping. 

There was some debate as to how to get that Angel in its rightful spot.  
My husband is usually silent during these long winded discussions (its a lot of girls..plus a friend was over).  Finally he spoke..."I'll just put her on my shoulders like I used to."
No one could believe that he was calmly agreeing to this but alas...he sat down in the chair...waited for her to situate her dress (and her giggling) and arose a hero with the Angel assist.
 My only wish is that I had a picture of the amazing dismount.
It happened much too fast, however and my little fingers couldn't keep up with the antics.

The tree is "Angeled" once again.
(Just verbed the word angel...see what I did there?)

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