Tuesday, November 6, 2012

How to make an old shutter into a cute hanger...

How to use an old shutter in a cute way......

 I salvaged this shutter from our old house and turned it into a rack to hang just about anything I want!  I went to Anthropology and bought different drawer pulls.  It was hard to choose only 5 since they have SO many cute ones there.  I made sure they all coordinated but weren't exactly the same.  I decided not to paint the shutter or do anything else to it.  Easy peasy!
 Normally I would ask my handy man (aka...my husband) to do things like drill and hammer but this project was so easy I did it myself.  I used the screws that came with the pulls and drilled holes where I wanted to put the pulls.  I also added simple picture hangers to the back so I could easily hang it on the wall.
 I have had this a few different places in my house.  It was in the entry for a while waiting for jackets of visitors to be hung...but living in Southern California, it didn't see much action.  I then put it in the guest room for use as a towel hanger but then my oldest daughter moved into the guest room and it's not exactly her style.
 Now it is very useful in my little dressing area in my bedroom.  I love hanging my necklaces there.  They are like little pieces of art on the wall near my bracelets and some great pictures of my kids. (I keep the rest of my necklaces on an over the door rack in my closet.)
 Hopefully this little area is going to get turned into a much larger master bathroom soon but for now...I'm enjoying the shutter hooks immensely!
 If you want to know more about those bracelet racks...check back tomorrow.

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Nikki said...

What a cute idea :)

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