Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Fabric Corsage

My middle daughter and her friend decided to go to Winter Formal with all of their friends.
Since they didn't have a traditional date- there was no one to get a corsage...
BUT- I thought they could still use a little wrist adornment to commemorate the evening.

So...I got busy looking on Pinterest for fabric flowers.
I was not surprised when there were TONS of tutorials written on the subject.

I gathered some fabric from our remnant basket and got to work.
My daughter's dress was a very light pink and her friend's was navy blue...so I tried to find some coordinating colors in our stash.

I love the look of hard and soft together so I added a little burlap to each one.

 To make these little yellow petals I cut circles and folded them in half twice....
Then glued them with their tips facing inward.

 For the petals that look more curvy (like the tulle)
 I held the edges over an open flame to make them curl up.
 When I went to Michaels to look for a wrist band that I could glue it all to-
 I found these great pearl-ish ones in the wedding isle.
(I love finding new things to craft with!)
 Here you can see how I used a round piece of felt as the base to build the flowers and then glued that to the bracelet.
 I didn't get any good pictures of this but these bracelets have a plastic piece that is made to hold whatever you are planning to attach.  It's quite fabulous.

 At first we thought they might be too big but as it turned out-
 They were just right...

 Plus they'll last forever!
(Here she is with her sister...:)
Couldn't resist!

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Abby at Just a Girl and Her Blog said...

How beautiful! I love the idea of a fabric corsage that you can keep! So much better than flowers that wilt! And your girls looked so pretty! Thanks so much for linking up at Hit Me with Your Best Shot! Have a wonderful week!

~Abby =)

favorbuying said...

I love finding new things to craft with!

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