Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Great Gatsby...Part II The Dress and Decorations

 New Years seems to be hit or miss.
It's an excuse to stay up late...
and sometimes it's worth it...
and sometimes it's just not.

This year it was worth it!
I had a great time decorating for the Gatsby theme
and getting dressed in my 20s finest.

I made this sign out of and old piece of wood,
black spray paint,
silver glitter spray paint (yeah!)
and a white paint pen.

I am not ashamed to say that I copied this right off of the internet..
In fact, I saw it on Pinterest as a print and just copied the writing.
It welcomed guests as they came through the door of my good friends beach house.

 I think the best part of the decorations were these huge feathers.
My friend ordered them on line and my mom arranged them beautifully in these super tall
super art deco vases.
 My middle daughter folded the napkins and tied a silver ball to each one...
 Since the feathers were so imposing (in a good way:)
We opted for roses in the middle.
The good news is...this house is right on the water on Balboa Island in California...
So when we needed sand to fill the vase to keep it anchored,
we walked out the front door and filled it on the sea wall :)

The hostess...whose parties are always amazing...
used lots of beads, clocks and candles to make everything scream Gatsby.
 My hubby served as the bartender for the night.
We turned this great shelving unit into a bar.
We added the drink menu to the mirror...along with a black boa...of course.
 For the alcohol we used my Grandmother's decanters.
Not sure what era these are from exactly but I'm guessing the first half of the 1900s.
For the mixers we used carafes with chalk signs around the necks.
 Champagne cocktails greeted guests as they came in...

 I wore a dress the I got at....
Wait for it....

 The Good Will.
Two years ago...
for one of my daughters...
for a costume...
that she never used.
It was maybe $7...
and has been hanging in my closet...
for this event to be dreamt up.

Lucky dress :)
 Umm...I kind of have an obsession with these shoes.
That's all I'm saying.

My parents live on the same little Island so I got dressed at their house which was a blast.
When I needed more pearls, my mom pulled them out.
Earrings? Done.
Bracelets...not a problem.
Then I wrapped this scarf around my arms to look like a stole...
of course, my mom had the perfect brooch to hold it together.  
Everyone got into the fun...
and we all had a blast!
It might be a while before another New Years Eve lives up to this one :)

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Constance Gammeter said...

Hi Ashley: I love the name of your blog. I'm a new GFC friend.
You all look so nice for your party, oh, the table, too.

Abby at Just a Girl and Her Blog said...

Oh my goodness, you are the cutest! What a fun night! The decor is amazing, and you looked stunning! Thanks so much for linking up at Hit Me with Your Best Shot! Hope to see you back tonight!

~Abby =)

Jennifer Abel said...
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GatsbyGirl said...

Love the table decor! I'm planning my wedding in August and am dreaming up decorations… where did you get the vases and feathers? How long were the feathers and how many is needed in one bouquet? How much did the feathers and vases cost?

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